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Samuel R. Delany (nee April 1,1942) was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He is a highly prolific and widely respected author who has been writing in the science fiction genre for over thirty years. His first novel, The Jewels of Aptor (1962) was published when he was just 19 years of age. Since then he has achieved sustained notoriety for the numerous Hugo and Nebula awards he has won over the past 30 years. His first major award (the Nebula) was won for Babel-17, a novel reflecting his interest in semiotics. Delany is considered to be a 'high brow' science fiction author, perhaps one of the few true intellectuals in the field. In fact, Delany is a professor of English, having served in that position at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the University of Minnesota, and most recently at the University of Buffalo. He has written his memoirs in The Motion of Light in Water: Sex and Science Fiction Writing in t he East Village, which won the Hugo Award for non-fiction in 1989. His latest book is 1984, a non-fictional portrait of Delany as expressed through letters and documents written by Delany and addressed to friends, relatives, and colleagues.




Out of the Dead City/Captives of the Flame (1963)
The Towers of Toron (1964)
City of a Thousand Suns (1965)
Tales of Neveryon (1979)
Neveryona/The Tale of Signs and Cities (1983)
Flight from Neveryon (1985)
Return to Neveryon/The Bridge of Lost Desire (1987)





An interview with Delany by Matt Baldwin .


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